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Chi-Chi Cimbawa

‘Belfast's answer to Sally Rooney's "Normal People".

Maggie Bawden

‘A disturbing book that reminds the reader not just that adolescent love can hurt but that adolescence itself is often a catalogue of experiences that are better blocked out.’


Kirby Porter grew up in Belfast near the Harland and Wolff shipyard where one of his grandfathers and one of his great-grandfathers helped build the Titanic between 1909–12. 


He studied Russian at Queen’s University Belfast and took further degrees at the University of London and the University of Wales.


He became Head of Library Services for a North London borough, gave talks on Russian and Irish Poetry, and was an active trade unionist. 


Back in Belfast he created library services for the Northern Ireland Civil Service and the Northern Ireland Assembly, as well as teaching courses in Information Management at the University of Ulster. 


He now lives on the east coast of Scotland.


Unable to cope with the death of his girlfriend, Londoner Michael Roberts tries to find comfort in memories of another time and another place when he was in love for the first time.


But that first time was as a schoolboy in Belfast, at the start of The Troubles in the late 1960s, and in a culture dominated by divides that weren’t just sectarian.


To his surprise and increasing anguish his memories—long buried—prove elusive, so that finding out what had really happened and why it got suppressed becomes more and more of an obsession.


As Michael gradually uncovers forgotten truths he starts to learn something that challenges everything he ever knew about himself and the person he has become. 


Frances Creighton: Found and Lost is a deeply felt first novel that conveys the pain of late adolescence in a community where school and religion add more layers of cruelty to the underlying instability of daily life and Northern Irish politics.

Kirby Porter

Frances Creighton: Found

and Lost


PUBLISHER EnvelopeBooks 

FORMAT Paperback/Softback 

EXTENT 204 pages
SIZE 203mm x 127mm (8” x 5”) 

ISBN 9781838172077

GENRES Fiction, Northern Ireland,

Romance, Young Love, The Troubles 

RRP £9.99
PUBLICATION DATE 4 November 2021 

PR/PUBLICITY Dr Stephen Games


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