Alexander McCall Smith, novelist

‘If you want to see what a good man in Africa has done, read this book.’

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former U.K. government minister

‘Should be read by anyone who wants to know the history of central and southern Africa and to understand its people, black and white.’

Ed Balls, former U.K. government minister

‘Beautiful prose, compelling story-telling.’

John Githongo, campaigning Kenyan journalist

‘Informed by a deep sense of empathy for the land of his upbringing, warts and all.’


Based in Zambia, Michael Holman wrote about Africa for the Financial Times before moving to London to become its Africa Editor in the 1990s. In 2002 he took early retirement in order to undergo pioneering surgery for Parkinson’s Disease but continues to return to his old beat.

He was brought up in small-town Rhodesia, establishing his political credentials as a student leader opposing UDI at the University of Salisbury (now Harare) in 1965 before being locked down by the Rhodesian authorities in his home town. He has had close ties with leading members of the ANC.

He now lives in London.


In over 50 years' worth of eye-witness reports on the state of sub-Saharan Africa, written for the Financial Times and other media, Michael Holman provides rare insights into the region’s post-independence successes and set-backs.

From accounts of the atrocities committed by Rhodesian forces in the 1960s to interviews with Africa’s future leaders and assessments of how they actually performed, Michael Holman brings together a lifetime of commentaries about a continent he grew up in, knows acutely and loves dearly.

Written with the benefit of unique access, Postmark Africa still holds out hope for the land mass south of the Sahel, in spite of decades of disappointment at the new nations’ structural mismanagement and corruption, the destructive policies of donor countries, and the hateful legacy of colonialism.

Michael Holman

Postmark Africa

Half a Century as a Foreign Correspondent

PUBLISHER EnvelopeBooks 

FORMAT Paperback/Softback 

EXTENT 276 pages
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ISBN 9781838172008

GENRE Africa, Post-Colonialism, Politics, 

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PUBLICATION DATE 10 December 2020 

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